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Scenes from East Bay

Cathedral of Christ the Light, Lake Merritt, Oakland, CA

I learned about this from the Autodesk Gallery and decided that I had to pay a visit. It’s a hidden architectural gem in East Bay. We went just when the morning mass was ending, and the choir resonated within the rounded cone-shaped structure like as though we were sitting inside the bell of a horn. But it wasn’t cantankerously religious. It was serene and envelopes like a silkscreen. The sunlight shifts and different parts of the interior would glisten at different times. 

Portal Restaurant and Gelato Firenze

Little local spots. Brunch at the portal is crowded. We got there at 11:30am and just nearly escaped the snaking 12:00 noon line. Even then the wait was more than 20 minutes. Maybe we were starving, but it was great. The fried egg mini-burger and garbage bread speak for themselves. At Gelato Firenze, another seemingly forgotten spot, the smell of boba syrup overpowered anything else. The ice cream was surprisingly good though. The super chocolate was intensely chocolate-y and the Merlot (yes, the wine!) was just mild enough to pair off. 

Treasure Island

Just a typical night looking over the San Francisco Bay from this tiny island in between. I am a faithful proponent of the Bay Bridge (over the Golden Gate Bridge). Always. 

Arashi Mark Chocolate Keychain

I have been wanting to do something with the glue gun I bought a while ago…and the glue sticks from Daiso in Japan. 

I have also been wanting to do something with the Arashi ice tray from Arafes last year. 

I don’t know why I took so long to put the two together…

First, fill out the silicon case with the glue. Make sure there are no bubbles! This is the hardest part ><

I found some random Daiso stuff that I could use. The packet of buttons was from some thrift store. The whole pack cost like, I don’t know, $3?

Arashi mark chocolate!

And then all I did was chain a few buttons together with jump rings, stick an eye pin into the ‘chocolate’ and use a jump ring to hook it to the strap, and added a ribbon using another jump ring….


Watermark Logo Batch Processor

a simple program for adding a watermark logo to a bunch of pictures. adjusts size according to original image size and sits watermark on lower left corner. 

Two Worlds Connected

Hoodie Design.

For school program in 2014.

Inspired by the flag of Japan. 

Words on the front include member names, inspirational logo, places visited, etc. 

Preview courtesy of CustomInk

An Icons Poster
Inspired by modern interface and the map of Japan.
For an event in school 2013-2014.

An Icons Poster

Inspired by modern interface and the map of Japan.

For an event in school 2013-2014.

Final Project: SJEC 2013

This website was produced for the Stanford Japan Exchange Club’s program in 2012-2013. The final project spanned a week and the website details the students’ assignment per day. The course of the project was designed to encapsulate the essence of Design Thinking: need-finding, prototyping, testing and iterating, in a compact amount of time.

In designing this “mini-curriculum”, we employed the use of Tumblr in order to 1) familiarize students with the various forms of social media available in Silicon Valley (in which case we picked Tumblr for its ease of “reblog” and “reply” as well as its relatively low-profile status in Japan) 2) quickly exchange ideas with one another while still maintaining a clean interface. 

As a pilot academic program for the Stanford Japan Exchange Club in its 59th year, the project was a success, bringing forth many ideas as well as insights as to how the program may be improved as we head into its 60th anniversary.